Monday, April 30, 2012

Out There... Somewhere

My life is crazy sometimes. On my day off I started off with some plein air pieces and then met a friend to paint together at her neighbor's house. After that we drove 20 miles and attended a Black Swamp Art Guild meeting where the project of the day was to paint a still life. She had two options set up and I chose a portion of one and used a 6" x 8" canvas because I knew I would only have an hour to complete the project. Believe it or not, she had fake tomatoes up there but I have painted so many tomatoes I know they are really red and juicy so I faked it.

The plein air piece was fun to do because the neighbor's had a new Newfoundland mix puppy who was adorable and exciting to be around. This dog had the largest paws I have seen on a pup and a very calm disposition. The people also had chickens, which were nice enough to pose for a photo opp. At one point the puppy decided to grab a half-grown chicken and trot into the garage and behind the car. We managed to free the poor thing and it didn't seem to be hurt but I'm sure it will think twice before leaving the hen house when that dog is around.
 9" x 12" Blake's Garden


Tomatoes and Veggies 

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