Thursday, July 13, 2006

Study for "Shake Stand"

If I'm not really sure about a color scheme or composition I do a series of small paintings to work things out before I begin the big painting. In this case the painting will be a snapshot of rural teens at the County Fair. I took the reference photos last year and have just now made time to work on the painting. This small 8 x 10 study is a limited palette painting done in ultramarine and cerulean blue, transparent red oxide, yellow ochre, cadmium red and yellow and alizarin crimson. I do like the wau this one turned out but I need to work on the figure locations a bit more.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Visit the Art Show at the Wauseon Homecoming

A few of my oil and pastel paintings will be on display at the Congregational Church during the Wauseon Homecoming July 13-15. I have chosen five pieces to display.

Max Ginsburg
is an inspiration to me. At 75, he continues to paint masterpieces that delight and amaze millions. He survived the "dark years", what I define as the era beginning in the early fifties and running through the late nineties when minimalist modern art was embraced by the universities and galleries and academics were discounted. Dribbles and drips of paint, along with large rectangular "compositions" became the norm and realism was scorned. Finally the tide has turned and galleries realize that people actually prefer to own paintings that look like something. And Max is selling his stuff for record amounts of money.

A recent article in the July issue of The Artist's Magazine detailed Mr. Ginsburg's methods and they're actually pretty similar to mine (when I take my time and do it right). His cityscapes have inspired me to paint my own ruralscapes- the first of which I will share with you here when it's complete.

In the meantime, I painted a few other works this month. The Chief (right) just sold on eBay this afternoon. Banjo Charlie is a large painting inspired by a photograph by Tracy Kolenchuk.
I changed the model's location and gave him a banjo instead of a guitar, but otherwise he is the subject in Tracy's photo (and he looks like he is singing because he was in the photo.) The flag represents our society and the people in the background are looking at Charlie as if they can't quite figure him out.
I listed Charlie on eBay but I don't have high hopes that he will sell because he is just a bit too edgy for what the current element are buying.

The painting of Charlie is shown above along with a close up.

The Flower and Food Still-lifes are Sold

They didn't sell for much but I don't mind too much because both ladies seemed really pleased to win the bid on them. I know they will be blown away with the quality when they actually see the works. These small studies only take a few hours to paint and I don't have a lot of time and materials invested like I do in some of my larger pieces. They are great promo pirces because it gets my name out there to more people and broadens my customer base. I wish my roses would quit dying- I have ideas for another couple paintings. Seems as if as soon as I get rid of those danged Japanese Beetles I get black spot disease on them. The first few of the sumemr were so promising too. I think I am horticulturally challenged when it comes to roses. sigh...