Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two More eBay Nudes Listed

These will close Sunday, February 5, 2006 and they are not part of the Colorful Nudes series. I need to order some more linen canvas to complete those. So far, they have all sold except for number 10-- and that may be because I am asking more money for her. i listed the darn thign for $150 last week and had no bidders. This week I dropped the price to $70 and still no bids. So maybe I need to re-work her although my policy has been not to. She is not as colorful as the rest are. Maybe that's the problem. An6yway-- these two are not part of the series and I started the bids at $39 because I see a lot of stuff that is purely CRAP selling for more on eBay. But I am not the buyer-- so what can I do? Except keep producing QUALITY and hope someone swimming through the sea of crap finds it. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Few Furry Friends....

I had more time to paint last week so I painted two more wildlife paintings. The first is a female cardinal and I listed it for $25 on eBay. That seem a bit low but what can you do when it's so hard to even get people to look because they have to scropll through so much total TRASH! The second painting is a 16" x 20" painting of a Canadian Lynx. I practically gave away my Piano Cat on eBay so this one will probably have the same results. But hopefully not.

Ice Fishing Completed

It's been a couple weeks since I had a chance to update this page. I finished ICE FISHING and it is now listed on eBay for $45.00 It really needs to sell for more than that or I am going to have to stop selling there. $45 barely covers the cost of paint and canvas-- let alone my time! I love the way this one turned out and I will keep it if it doesn't sell for more than $100.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ice Fishing in Progress

I think this painting is going to take me forever. I don't know why, but I am less than enthusiastic about it or maybe I am just intimidated by the size of it. What is strange is that it hasn't really taken me any longer to paint what I have here than it woudl have if I had painted it on a smaller canvas. So I only have about three hours in it, now. I am pretty suire I could finish in another three hours.

No. 12 and Lucky No. 13 and Wow it is Friday the 13th

I can't honestly say I finished no. 13 on Friday the 13th because I was done yesterday. I began them both Wednesday and finished them Thursday morning.

These two are a bit different from the previous nudes in the way I have presented the background. There is actually a message in number 12 and a subliminal message in no. 13. I just thought of an idea- I should have hidden the number of the piece in each painting! That would have been different and kind of a puzzle in the painting itself. Maybe I'll do that with the next series; I'll just be happy to meet my self-imposed deadline with this one.

Friday, January 06, 2006

This painting will require a commitment....

But I don't mind as I find the dynamics and faces interesting. It's larger than I'm used to painting (24" x 30") but I feel driven to expore large. Anything smaller than 16" x 20" almost feels cramped to me now. I want to use big brushes and extravagant quantities of paint. :)

The Holidays are Over!

I painted two more nudes for the Colorful eBay Series of 20 this week. No. 10 (right) I wanted to be a "10" and it took quite a bit longer (4-1/2 hours!) to paint than most of the other. I had a lot of help from my unofficial critiquer "Clark". He is good at pointing out things I don't see and ultimately the advice he offered was right on and improved the painting immensely! It is 2006 and I felt it was time to UP the prices so I listed this one at $149- still about 1/10th what a local gallery would charge for similar work, but fair for eBay. All I can hope is that it might get bid up to a fair price.

No. 11 (above-left) was painted from a drawing that held very little detail so I concentrated on making the background and composition exciting. Not sure whetehr I succeeded but I am listing this one at $79 and crossing my fingers. I like the sketchy and impressionistic style although it's way different from no. 10.