Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two More eBay Nudes Listed

These will close Sunday, February 5, 2006 and they are not part of the Colorful Nudes series. I need to order some more linen canvas to complete those. So far, they have all sold except for number 10-- and that may be because I am asking more money for her. i listed the darn thign for $150 last week and had no bidders. This week I dropped the price to $70 and still no bids. So maybe I need to re-work her although my policy has been not to. She is not as colorful as the rest are. Maybe that's the problem. An6yway-- these two are not part of the series and I started the bids at $39 because I see a lot of stuff that is purely CRAP selling for more on eBay. But I am not the buyer-- so what can I do? Except keep producing QUALITY and hope someone swimming through the sea of crap finds it. :)

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