Friday, January 13, 2006

No. 12 and Lucky No. 13 and Wow it is Friday the 13th

I can't honestly say I finished no. 13 on Friday the 13th because I was done yesterday. I began them both Wednesday and finished them Thursday morning.

These two are a bit different from the previous nudes in the way I have presented the background. There is actually a message in number 12 and a subliminal message in no. 13. I just thought of an idea- I should have hidden the number of the piece in each painting! That would have been different and kind of a puzzle in the painting itself. Maybe I'll do that with the next series; I'll just be happy to meet my self-imposed deadline with this one.

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Dancing-Light-Studio said...

Well, the same guy bought both of these paintings... they sold for the minimum bid though-- meaning I only made $75. Not a great price, especially when I have seen total crap sell for more.