Friday, January 06, 2006

The Holidays are Over!

I painted two more nudes for the Colorful eBay Series of 20 this week. No. 10 (right) I wanted to be a "10" and it took quite a bit longer (4-1/2 hours!) to paint than most of the other. I had a lot of help from my unofficial critiquer "Clark". He is good at pointing out things I don't see and ultimately the advice he offered was right on and improved the painting immensely! It is 2006 and I felt it was time to UP the prices so I listed this one at $149- still about 1/10th what a local gallery would charge for similar work, but fair for eBay. All I can hope is that it might get bid up to a fair price.

No. 11 (above-left) was painted from a drawing that held very little detail so I concentrated on making the background and composition exciting. Not sure whetehr I succeeded but I am listing this one at $79 and crossing my fingers. I like the sketchy and impressionistic style although it's way different from no. 10.

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