Thursday, August 30, 2007

Marnie's Letter 18" x 24"

A very good interpretation of an old black and white photograph. In the photograph she was holding a purse, but a friend of mine suggested that the painting would be more interesting if she were holding a letter-- so a letter is what she has.

And I Cannot Forget the Fifth Attempt at Saving this painting... but it was hopeless

Sailing 16 x 20 oil on canvas

A whimsical little seascape. That's me on the boat with my man-- but years down the road when we are retired and living the good life. LOL

Commissioned Portrait of W. Kelsey

This was a difficult portrait to get right because the only reference I had to use was a small Polaroid print with dark cast shadows and poor color. With a lot of help from the client I was able to pull it off.

Still Life

This is a painting I did with students as a demonstration. I need to fix the onion and the tablecloth.


This is Amanda, painted in August as well. She has been sold.

LITTLE COWGIRL Pastel 15.5" 11.75"

I wanted to do another pastel after Allie because the color was so pleasing. Working with oils for the last year seems to have helped me better understand color. The pastels seemed easier to handle than they did last year. Hard to believe it was November of last year when I last painted in pastel: a portrait of Margarita.

Allie in Pastel

This is an awesome painting that Scott likes a lot. I love the colors but not her expression- as much as the other. I have also agreed to sell this one after it returns from the Fulton County Fair, where it is on display this week.

Allie posed for our group in August

14 x 18 OIL ON LINEN

I painted an oil the first day and sold it to a private collector the following day. My quickest sale ever! Allie's favorite color is the lime green. She posed in her prom dress and was an excellent model who was able to get back into position exactly! I am working on another oil since I sold this one but it is more difficult because I want it to be realistic and detailed instead of expressive. I love her eye in this one.

It's been a month since I posted any work!

I have been working but we also took a little vacation this month and it was "get Katie ready for school month", so it's been busy. Here is what I have been working ojn.

Liz- finished-- top of the line- my current BEST work that I need to beat before I feel comfortable parting with her.
16" x 20" oil on canvas.