Saturday, May 13, 2006

This is the Ballet Study-- also listed on eBay

This one I listed for a BUY IT NOW at $35.00. It's a steal at that price. It is matted and ready to go. Really a special painting with a nice limited, yet expressive palette. My watercolors are usually like this. Low-key and subtle, limited colors and lots of luminous darks. Something about the medium makes me paint that way. My oils, on the other hand, usually sing with color.

Theresa -- Crazed Housewife with Beehive and Earring

She looks as if she is got all dressed up to vacuum- then decided to take off her clothes instead. I posted her on eBay here:

Another Busy Week

I finished #18 in the Colorful Nude Series-- only two more to go-- I am thinking I will make it to 20 by May 30th--- easily!!!! This has been a fun series. Also this week I worked on another model study for the Ballet Painting-- easily going to be the most important piece of 2006- I can guarantee it. AND I did a neat little paining of Theresa-- gave her a beehive. Let me know what you think of these!!

DreamHorseGallery - Art by Joyce Brandon.

DreamHorseGallery - Art by Joyce Brandon. Joyce is a self-taught, self-representing artist just as I am. We self-repping women artists have to stick together!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two More Colorful Nudes in the Series of 20

Last month I was quickly tiring of this series, but now that the end is in sight, I can truthfully say I will miss creating these bright beautiful women. You never know what you're going to get when you take a black and white drawing and try to decipher what colors you want the shadows and highlights to become. It's tremendously rewarding when your "creation" turns out better than expected. I limit myself to one of these paintings per day and even when the actual painting only requires a few hours, the preparation time takes almost as long. With numbers 16 and 17 complete I need to determine a way to end the series on a triumphant note. This is going to be tough to accomplish, as some of these nudes have been truly awesome paintings! I am listing

these on eBay tonight and tomorrow night. You can find No. 16 here: and No. 17 here:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Poppy Mural

Joan's mural is finished. I really like the way it turned out. It has tremendous depth! Only she and I (well--and now you, dear reader) know that the touches of forest green in the grass match her great room wall color and the peach color in the mountains and sky ties right in with her kitchen tile. At 3' x 7' it is pretty large!

Colorful Nude #15 in the Series Sold

This one sold for $61.00 - not a really great price for an oil painting this pretty, but until I get motivated enough to produce a lot more paintings I'll have to settle for these meager earnings. A Mr. Arce from Jacksonville, IN was the lucky wiunner of this auction. I will be doing two more in the series this week and listing them Thursday because my goal is to finish the series by May 15th.