Saturday, April 26, 2008

Watercolor painting

Her Favorite Pig
Years ago farm animals were treasured and treated with respect.

Large oil painting of boy on a donkey

I am almost finished with this piece. Larger paintings take me much longer to complete. I think it is because I am working in a small studio and it is hard to see the "big picture" If I move some furniture out and make some "walk room" I might be able to overcome this.

Three's a Crowd

12" x 16" oil painting of three little pigs I call Larry, Moe and Curly.

Monkey Business

This is a painting of my daughter's favorite monkey and some bananas. He is pretty ragged looking and I even made the nose up because my dog chewed the original off a few years ago.

Abstract Thinking pieces- not random Abstracts

Cosmic Nude no. 3
An abstract painting I painted in two days using a drawing I did in 30 minutes at a life drawing session. I painted it to enter in an abstract show at the Toledo Artists Club, and it was accepted, along with two others. (Below)
Aztech Dreams of Judith and Black Gold

Expressive oil painting 11x14

Nude - oil on canvas

Here is a painting I currently have listed on eBay. I was very happy with the low key values and the limited palette.

The Tomato Seller

This is the Tomato Seller, another painting in mu Solitude series. The poor man looks disconsolate; even his dogs ignores him.

The Ferris Wheel Ride oil on canvas 8 x 10

I think this is an adorable painting because it tells a little story. The little girl, my daughter, is pouting because her her nephew is rocking the car. He, of course, is blameless, as he proves to the carnival worker by raising his hands off the bar to show he is not even touching the thing. I'm sure the guy running the ride has seen and heard it all before.

Finished with Steve

This is Steve after another sitting- I will call him finished because I'm just nto sure what else to do with it. "It is what it is" as they say.

Cicleville Mill

This small painting was done for a photograph I took in Circleville, Ohio. I am still learning the entire process when it comes to landscapes but I'll get it.

A Little Bit Behind on the Posts

My husband requested a couple of paintings for a Relay for Life Event in May. His idea was to have a Detroit themed painting and a Cleveland theme, have a print made of each and then use raffle them off competitively-- to see which team sold more tickets. I was just glad he didn't want me to donate an original like I did last year. I could have sold that Woody Hayes painting a hundred times already. So at least I still have these originals to sell as well as prints.