Monday, June 29, 2009

Plein air painting of my birdbath

The sweet hour just before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and everything is bathed in an orange light. My favorite time to paint. The little bird stopped for a drink even though three dogs watched from the patio.

Nicole portrait from life

Nicole, a model for our portrait group last Saturday. 16 x 20 oil on canvas.

Steffan, a Posthumous portrait, oil on linen

This 15 yr old boy died suddenly last year of an aneurysm. I was asked to paint a portrait using a few photographs that had been taken at his mother's wedding. I combined two of the pictures and came up with this. A very difficult painting to do as I was saddened to know that the beautiful young boy is no longer with us. It is so much harder to paint a portrait of someone who died at a young age because you know they never lived their potential. God has a plan and that's all we can realize when something like this happens. We may never fully understand the plan but it's there.
They told me it was scary how much like him it looked.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dana -- 6 yr old subject

She posed for our portrait group and was such a little angel. Four weeks of sitting in one position watching a video while 15 strangers stared at her! Wow-- what composure!

I did another smaller painting from a photo taken by Tim Taylor and her grandmother purchased it.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An artist paints a painting of an artist painting

This is a painting of Graham, who very kindly allowed me to use his photograph. I was intrigued by the composition and of course, his hat. He told me he wore it because it resembled hats worn in the days of Toulouse Lautrec, whose painting he is copying in this painting. It gets a bot confusing doesn't it? An artist painting a painting of an artist painting.... !@ :)

But I am hopelessy intrigued by stuff like that.

Plein air of my back yard

A small 5" x 7" plein air painting of my back yard and the neighbor's pond. I love the way our yard looks in the hour just before sunset.

6" x 12" oil painting of dairy barns

These are some beautiful dairy barns that I can see from my front porch, so I sat out there last month and painted them.

Cocoa the Cat

This is my cat watching a painting video on my computer. Sold pretty quickly to another cat lover. :)

I have painted this cat several times and usually it is a painting of her watching something, because basically she does a lot of sitting around.

The First Boy Scout in America

This is a portrait of W.F. Milne, the first American Boy Scout leader. I used an old black and white image and added a background that complemented his uniform.

The Fourth Painting in the series

This is Communion 4 -- I borrowed the cup from my boss, set up the still life and started painting.

Golden and Delicious!

Golden and Delicious! 6" x 6" oil painting of a golden delicious apple.

6" x 6" Toll House Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are painted life-size. That's a teapot in the corner, put there for the express purpose of bouncing the eye back into the center of the painting.

Just for Fun

William Merritt Chase was an American painter who lived and worked a hundred years ago. This painting is based on a composition of his but I have totally changed the girl's features and made her 5-6 years younger. I experimented with a limited palette consisting of titanium white, terra rosa, cadmium yellow medium, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue. It is amazing the number of colors you can mix from just a few primaries and white.

Portrat commission

This is a recent commission completed from a small church directory photo taken several years ago. The client commissioned it for an anniversary gift and will present it to them in September. I wish I could be there to see it. From all accounts they are absolutely great people.

Portrait from Life

This woman posed for our life drawing/painting group in March. It must have been difficult for her to hold the pose like that with her head turned downward as if in prayer, but she did it.

Painting for Dollars

Wow - that title sounds like it would make a good game show! Unfortunately, it's the state of the economy for this painter right now. I haven't sold anything in a couple weeks and my prices continue to be very affordable, so I am almost certain it's the economy. I think this recession (is it a depression?) is gong to last awhile, and while it's a good time to buy art because it has never been this low priced, you could say that about a lot of things. Houses are going for much less than they were a year ago. Car dealers are running sales because the cars are piling up! So it only makes sense that if people aren't working they aren't going to have money to buy art. I am just driven to paint though so I'll keep producing and store them in my basement if they don't sell. I also have work hanging in a couple gift shops (one in Archbold and one in Waterville) now so that's another venue. Sports oriented prints continue to sell pretty well at the Jobst Tower (three this past week!)

I have been lax in the month of May about posting, although I have been really productive with my painting! So here are a few to catch up. These two models posed for my weekly portrait group; Tim the Samurai guy in April/May and the little girl, Dana, in June.