Monday, June 29, 2009

Steffan, a Posthumous portrait, oil on linen

This 15 yr old boy died suddenly last year of an aneurysm. I was asked to paint a portrait using a few photographs that had been taken at his mother's wedding. I combined two of the pictures and came up with this. A very difficult painting to do as I was saddened to know that the beautiful young boy is no longer with us. It is so much harder to paint a portrait of someone who died at a young age because you know they never lived their potential. God has a plan and that's all we can realize when something like this happens. We may never fully understand the plan but it's there.
They told me it was scary how much like him it looked.

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Lokelani Forrest said...

I have been debating about doing a portrait of my son who took his own life 20+ years ago. I would like to, but don't know if I can handle it. Love your portrait of Steffan.