Saturday, June 06, 2009

Painting for Dollars

Wow - that title sounds like it would make a good game show! Unfortunately, it's the state of the economy for this painter right now. I haven't sold anything in a couple weeks and my prices continue to be very affordable, so I am almost certain it's the economy. I think this recession (is it a depression?) is gong to last awhile, and while it's a good time to buy art because it has never been this low priced, you could say that about a lot of things. Houses are going for much less than they were a year ago. Car dealers are running sales because the cars are piling up! So it only makes sense that if people aren't working they aren't going to have money to buy art. I am just driven to paint though so I'll keep producing and store them in my basement if they don't sell. I also have work hanging in a couple gift shops (one in Archbold and one in Waterville) now so that's another venue. Sports oriented prints continue to sell pretty well at the Jobst Tower (three this past week!)

I have been lax in the month of May about posting, although I have been really productive with my painting! So here are a few to catch up. These two models posed for my weekly portrait group; Tim the Samurai guy in April/May and the little girl, Dana, in June.

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