Saturday, June 06, 2009

An artist paints a painting of an artist painting

This is a painting of Graham, who very kindly allowed me to use his photograph. I was intrigued by the composition and of course, his hat. He told me he wore it because it resembled hats worn in the days of Toulouse Lautrec, whose painting he is copying in this painting. It gets a bot confusing doesn't it? An artist painting a painting of an artist painting.... !@ :)

But I am hopelessy intrigued by stuff like that.


Ragtree said...

Your work is just beautiful.

Unfortunately, I searched you out because I found a suspicious seller on Etsy from Hong Kong and they appear to be using your studio name and your art in their banner.

Here is the link (and in case it doesn't work their shop name is hketsysshop) and I hope you don't have a hard time taking care of it :)


Dancing-Light-Studio said...

Hi Renee,
Thanks so much for your note-- this is the third time I have had my banner image used by these HK copyists! It makes me so mad! No idea why they chose mine-- maybe because I rant about them in my eBay auctions and warn people to beware, LOL BUT they always gets kicked off pretty quickly so people are reporting them. Usually even before I can report them! THANKS for watching out for another artist! Nora