Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hyter Group Portrait

Another Saturday morning spent painting from the live model. It is the single best way to become really observant about color. We have a problem at our group because the overhead lights are too bright and they reflect the green wall up and into our model's skin tones. This creates very strange lighting, especially when it is combined with the warm incandescent lighting of the spot light. A few of us have asked to have the overhead lights turned off to create a more dramatic lighting effect and eliminate the green reflections but sooner or later they always turn the lights back on.

Our model was a wonderful young woman from India and she wore a bright yellow scarf. I used a 14" x 18" linen board (Centurian brand) and I was almost finished after the two hour pose. I painted the rest of the scarf in when I got home.

14" x 18" 

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