Friday, April 20, 2012

Most people don't realize I own THREE CATS

And that is probably because when people come over the cats are nowhere to be found. they are all extremely shy and only friendly with family. My cats are also extremely sensitive to the dogs, and when we get company the dogs will let you know. The barking might be what initially scared the cats and sent them into hiding and I think that now it has just become habit. Dogs bark! Stranger alerts! Take cover!

They are affectionate cats for the most part and they each have their favorites. The youngest cat, a two year old female, loves to lie on my daughter's bed but hates to be held unless it is her decision. The middle cat is mine, apparently. A 4 year old tabby, she enjoys stalking me around the house and loves to insert her rather large and furry body onto my lap between the computer and my arms. then she rubs her head repeatedly against my neck until I put my arms around her. At this point she tries to wriggle herself into a comfortable position. Her favorite lounging position is to lean over my forearm with her front legs and rest her upper body on the table. I find myself wondering how much more cat hair my computer fan can suck up and still be able to boot up in the morning.

This is a painting I did of a friend's cat, which made me think of mine. :)  I recycled an unsuccessful canvas, which always gives me a head start by providing some interesting color and I have shown the way I typically start a painting like this with a notan study in brown and white to get an idea of how the composition will hold up. I fi like the first stage i will usually like the second if I hold my values.

8" x 10"
Sarah's Cat

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