Tuesday, July 03, 2012

More Plein Air Paintings to Post

This week I will be posting some of the better paintings I did on my painting trip to Michigan last week. I completed nine paintings in five days and I was exhausted by the end of the week. What these kind of trips do is really allow the artist to immerse herself in the landscape and geography of a place. I was surprised by how white the Michigan beaches are and the fine quality of the sand. The temperatures are quite cool in the evening even when they reach 90 during the day. A breeze can blow up alarmingly fast and turn into a gale, accompanied by thunderous clouds and developing into gusts that can easily carry away your easel. The birch trees where I stayed were much larger than I'm used to so I focused on one growing near the beach where we stayed. I had not painted many birches before and they are lovely trees.

14" x 11" oil on canvas
Ocquoc Lake Birch


jimmie white said...

Good one

Jim Serrett said...

Very nice. Great shapes.