Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Netta's Greenhouse and Nursery near Alpena

We traveled south to Alpena, Michigan on the second day of our painting adventure. The forecast was for an unseasonably hot day in the nineties so I was looking forward to some painting in the shade. Netta's Greenhouse and Nursery, owned by the wonderful Netta and her family, turned out to be the perfect place to paint.

I settled myself down near some flowers to paint an outdoor still life while some of the others painted Netta's house and her greenhouse. Netta ended up buying two of the paintings but she didn't want to pay enough for mine so it went home with me, where I tweaked it a bit.

I brought three 16" x 16" canvases and I really enjoyed working on the square format. I do a lot of small 6" x 6" paintings but the larger ones have never interested me until now.

Netta's Teapot 16" x 16"

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jimmie white said...

Square format....symmetrical composition... whoopee!