Thursday, July 19, 2012

Off to the Lakeside Paintout

Tomorrow morning I will head east to the shores of Lake Erie for the annual Lakeside Paintout and Wooden Boat Show. This will be the fourth time I have done this paintout and I enjoy it because it's generally cooler and there are tons of quaint cottages and flowers to paint. Last year  I stayed with a family who works there during the summer months and they have invited me back this year. They're nice folks and it is wonderful not to have to worry about parking or checking out on time.

The annual Katherine Crampton Art show is up in the Hoover Auditorium during this period, so I usually enter something if I can get someone to deliver it for me. I was thrilled to get a first place ribbon for my painting "A Wonderful Life". It's for sale during the show but if it doesn't sell I have a buyer here at home who I would prefer had it. The man on the bench reminds her of her deceased husband, who took many painting classes with me before he passed away late last year.

Hopefully I will get a lot more paintings done this weekend to share here next week.

24" x 30"
A Wonderful Life

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