Saturday, June 30, 2012

Annual Painting Trip

Three years ago a few of my artist friends, along with myself, decided to travel to a "painting destination". The plan was to share the costs of lodging and find an interesting and picturesque place to paint. The first year I found a wonderful place in North Carolina near Franklin. Painting the Smokey Mountains was an eye opening experience to this flat-lander. Last year we stayed a bit closer to home and we ended up in Penn Valley, PA. This was hilly Amish country and there were plenty of farms and rustic scenes to paint. This past week we traveled to Northern Michigan for a week at Lake Ocqueoc, which is near Lake Huron. Lake Huron has miles and miles of unspoiled white beaches! Who knew?

Our group was a bit larger this time so we rented two small cabins and traveled to a different place each day. This is the painting I did on Monday, when we drove over to Lake Huron and found the place where the mouth of the Ocqueoc River formed.

16" x 16" oil on canvas
Ocqueoc River

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