Saturday, June 02, 2012

Networking, Painting and Making new Friends

Networking with other artists is important. When you pursue an activity like painting, which involves many hours spent alone in the studio, you need to schedule time to get out and be with like-minded folk. Most of my friends are artists. Not all, but most. I think that's because I love painting and creating imagery so much that I tend to spend my free time looking for ways to improve what I do. So I make a point of attending a portrait group where we draw or paint from the live model once or twice a month. I belong to several arts organizations and these groups plan activities like paintouts, workshops and shows. Right or wrong, these are the ways I spend my free time and I've met a lot of interesting people along the way.

Next week I'll be attending a workshop given by Marc Hanson and sponsored by an arts organization I belong to. It's all about using your plein air paintings to create larger studio work. I have been trying to do this lately and it's been tough just using my own intuition so I'm willing to pay someone who knows a lot more than I do to help me learn. During the workshop, which is quite a distance from my home, I'll stay with an artist I met through another artist a year or so ago. I'll give her a painting and she'll give me room and board. Like I said, networking with artists is important! I will meet many new people at the workshop and I hope to make some new friends. You make new friends, you expand your horizons and you have FUN!

Once a month, my artist friend Teri Bersee, who owns Bountiful Arts Studio, sponsors a couple hours of life drawing in her studio, which is an old converted barn. I asked her if I could come a little early this week and paint the barn, which was built in 1849 and then moved to her property later when the state was going to tear it down.

Teri has a trio of lamas, two fluffy but large dogs and dozens of chickens. She and her husband Jim also grow lots and lots of organic vegetables. It's a really great location to paint at and I want to go back when the weather warms up and more flowers start blooming.This is my plein air from that afternoon.

10" x 20"
Bountiful Arts Barn


jimmie white said...

Nice barn........

Nora Sallows said...

Thanks, Jim!