Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pastels are Great for Quick Portraits

I think pastels are ideal for quick portraits when you have 3 hours or less with the model. This guy posed for two hours at Common Space in Toledo, where I sometimes paint on Saturdays. He was an interesting guy; a little odd, but then aren't we all, when it really comes down to it? Everyone has their own little quirks and mannerisms and some can quietly drive another person crazy -- if we allow it. I tend to overlook a lot when it comes to people. Quirky can be good. It's almost never boring. He seemed to have a gentle soul and he was able to hold the pose very well, so the guy was a great model IMO.

I finished his jacket and the background at home and for some reason I wanted to name the piece Gypsy Joe. Gypsy Joe, in a black beret, waits quietly with his sketchbook.

19" x 24" pastel on gray Canson paper

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