Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Leap into Winter

I hear people complain about the short days and long nights of old man winter. I can't really understand it. I relish the opportunity to isolate myself and concentrate on the making of art. February is a slow month for me, both in terms of sales and in terms of getting out of the house. I hate the cold and I don't participate in any winter sports so I tend to go from the house to the car to the store, to work and back to the house without experiencing much activity. In the studio, it's a different story. I have an excuse to spend more time painting and what I like to do in the dark days of winter is paint still life. To me, still life is an unending source of inspiration. I have pots and I have dolls. I have fruit and vegetables. The variety of textures and colors and forms is interesting enough to keep me busy for at least 29 days. It's a leap year this year so we get that extra day, folks!

6" X 8" oil on panel $125

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Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

Really like this one, Nora. It is a real reflection of you...almost a self portrait...just wished you had mixed paint on the palette.