Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Little Progress...

Three eBay auctions sold last week (no. 3 and no. 4 in the series of nudes and the Lone Wolf in Moonlight). I also sold three paintings at the museum sale (an Angel nude, a landscape and a still-life) so things are picking up a bit. Thursday I listed two more auctions on eBay: No. 5 in the Colorful Nude series and the Cat on the Piano. I really love this painting, and I listed it pretty low so it will probably sell. But if it doesn't I am going to keep it. I just feel like I at least have to offer everything I paint as I am trying to make a living at this now. And I could always paint another one, I suppose. The Pongo painting is finished; I added a few more details and put in some more spots where the client's daughter wanted them. It's hard to paint a horse's back when the horse has a saddle on and they don't want the saddle on in the painting. I'll email the photo today and hopefully she'll Ok it so I can ship that out before Christmas.

I am hopeful that things will pick up after Christmas. I know that I'll have more time to paint then. We have to get some Christmas shopping done today and put up some lights so today is going to be a total loss, I'm afraid.

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