Tuesday, December 13, 2005

NUDE 11.05.06 is finished

These nudes are selling pretty well on eBay now. Well, at least they all seem to sell, which is more than I can say for my still-lifes. I started another still-life this morning - then I knew I wanted to work on another of the Colorful Nudes. This one took about 3.5 hours. A bit long for offering it for $24.95. What does that come to-- about $7.00 an hour not counting materials? I just have to hope that it gets bids. The last one sold for $51.99 - it was a bit larger though- 20" x 16". On the other had, it didn't take as long to paint either. Here is the newest one- which I really think is the best yet. I am really accomplishing what I set out to do here: paint quicker and more impressionistically, yet retain the quality.

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