Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jake joined our family

We adopted a new puppy last Friday and I haven't had a lot of time to paint because I needed to spend some time with him introducing him to how things work around here. His old name was "Smoke". We re-named him JAKE.. well Scott did. I was just happy Scott accepted him because I didn't give him much warning that it was going to happen. We all love him a lot though. He is so different from Ebony, our lab-chow-shepherd mix. He looks a bit like her, meaning he is black and has brown eyes. But the resemblance ends there. Ebony looks very lab-like. Jake has a long tapered nose and fluffy ears. He is a mild-mannered little fellow who almost dances when he walks. He has light brown inquisitive eye and a very dainty way of sitting as if he is saying, "Please?" I love the little guy already. Puppies require a lot of attention though so I am thinking it's going to eat into my painting time. I have already had to block off my studio to keep him out of my stuff. The last thing I need is little paint-covered doggie pawprints all over my house.

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