Saturday, May 19, 2012

Painting the Figure in the Landscape

My second challenge at the Sauder Village paintout: a painting of someone who was actually moving-- and an hour and 15 minutes time to do it in. I always work better with a deadline so I looked at my watch and asked the man if he was going to be stirring the kettle of soap mush for awhile. He said he woudl be there until 3:00 PM. I needed to head back to the Museum for the critique by 2:30 PM so I decided to give it a try. I love trying new things anyway and I had never painted painted anyone outside before or anyone who was moving. On top of this I had a curious audience of four children who talked to me the whole time I worked on the painting. THAT doesn't bother me; in fact I enjoy showing kids what is possible with paint and of course their generous praise is always gratifying.

Challenges I faced with this painting included smoke blowing into my face, a constantly moving model, smoldering and sometimes crackling fire and figuring out how to paint the steam as it roiled off the soap. I enjoyed every minute though. A small painting that captures the movement well and it will serve nicely as a reference for a larger piece.

The Soap Maker
8" x 10"

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