Friday, March 30, 2012

Ludwig Mill in Grand Rapids Ohio

This old grain mill is located about a half hour from my home n the banks of the Maumee River. I have wanted to paint it for a few years but never had the opportunity. I was passing by the small town of Grand Rapids last Monday when I decided to stop. It was a seasonably cold March day and it's always a bit colder near water. I had to hold the small easel I keep in my trunk down a few times as a gust of wind threatened to blow the thing over. This was a moment when my sturdy French easel would have been very welcome. My hands were freezing by the time I finished and I had to paint the windows in when I got home but all in all I was happy with this plein air piece.
11" x 14"
oil on canvas


Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

I don't recall seeing this mill! Next time I am in Grand Rapids, I will look for it. Nice job, Nora!

Lady Laura's Dolls said...

You are a very talented artist.

Well done!

Nora Sallows said...

Thanks Ruth Ann and Laura! :)