Thursday, September 20, 2007

Works from class

This is Mark (with a K.) Garrow's little snowscape that he painted Tuesday night - in less than two hours. Way to go, Mark. I wasn't watching really closely and Mark painted in an opaque cadmium orange underpainting instead of an orangish colored wash, as I suggested. But it really turned out well in the end, adding spontaneous color to what might have been a pretty blah-looking painting. The blue and orange complimentary color scheme really works in this painting, and the little fence posts lead our eye right into the focal point-- the cabins and trees. Mark could add some smoke coming from one of the cabins to add that "human" touch but it's a great painting as is. Mark-- I know you're reading this so take note of the great brushwork in the sky - click on the painting to see better- and notice how the underpainting shows through and really adds life and warmth, but also the brush strokes are going in ALL directions- the way they should. :)
Kathy started a flowery landscape that is half-way finished. The shed was the most difficult part-it had sunlight shining on it and lots of details that it really wasn't necessary to paint. There is a fountain behind some flowers that she might want to make the focal point.
Next week we are painting flowers! Whatever I can find on sale.

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