Saturday, September 08, 2007

Christine- Impressionist portrait

I used a #8 round synthetic and two #8 flats to paint this. I used the drawing I made last week of Christine and it didn't take longer than an hour to finish form life. I left the brush strokes large and unblended and they look really good from a distance. It's very impressionistic though because when you get close they are BIG brush strokes. I think I painted into a soupy kind of mud color I used to paint over the painting underneath. It ws an Indian that never sold. That helped add a bit of color harmony that might not have been there if I had used white canvas. Posting a couple closeups to show the BIG picture.
I have to paint Bo Schembechler for somebody this afternoon- they want prints- if I don't sell them the original I guess I'll offer it on the eBay. I sure hope there are some decent references on the internet somewhere.

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