Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A beautiful painting with tons of character, painterly lost edges, amazing skin tones and delicate brushwork. I decided I wanted to do another painting with a Rembrandt-like dark background. I've listed this one for sale on eBay here. There is a funny story behind this painting. I was originally auctioning off the second painting of our beautiful model, Margarita, that I completed in our open studio portrait session. But Margarita wanted to buy it so I found myself with a paid auction listing that I did not want to cancel and lose money on. I had a larger 16 x 20 oil painting that I had done of her when she posed for us back in November of 2006 so I decided to "fix" it. I had never been crazy about the black dress or the way I had her hair painted so I made some adjustments and arrived at this new and improved version this morning. I used a hybrid of the dress she posed in most recently because I had a couple of pictures of it. I now like it much better and this is actually one of the best and most detailed paintings I have done recently. The flesh tones are highly realistic, with cadmium red undertones and greenish tints of reflected light in the shadows. The eyes in particular are awesome. I didn't have my model int he studio so I may have lost the likeness but it's still a really awesome painting of a beautiful lady.

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