Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lantern and Skull

I started this painting at the museum in their art-room last week. I had to drop off several pieces for a show and a sale yesterday so I decided to work on it for a little while even though I arrived later than I wanted to. I was the only artist working and it was pretty peaceful. I turned off all the lights and the security guards locked the door, probably not even realizing I was inside. :)

I had the radio tuned to the classical station we always listen to when we're working in there and all the lights in the room off except for the one directed toward my set-up and the one lighting my canvas. The painting just seemed to come together all by itself and before I knew it three hours had flown by and the painting was done!

I'm not sure what the skull and the lantern have in common; they just seem to relate well to each other and the wonderful crimson reflections on the bone were just a lot of fun to paint. I think you can tell when an artist had fun with it-- there's just a certain glow and bravado to a piece. Below is a link to a larger view of this piece that I'm tempted to call No Light on the Trail.

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