Sunday, January 25, 2015

Honey Pot with Pears

Winter wraps it's cold fingers around our frosty neighborhood. I don't allow its icy grip to affect my mood. So what if I am stuck inside the studio and it's becoming a little claustrophobic? I have paint. I have canvas, and I have plenty of stuff to paint.

Today's project was a little piece of pottery I bought at an antique shop because I loved the texture. I added a pair of pears and some miscellaneous fruit.

Progress is being made on my new studio so I may have my new space soon and then I'll be able to work on some larger pieces. I painted walls and woodwork yesterday and we purchased some carpet squares. Carpet squares are an ingenious invention. Commercial grade carpet is cut into 20"squares and comes with a self adhesive backing. This product allows the weekend handyman to install carpet in a piecemeal fashion. I won't have to wait for the entire space to be finished before I can move into my new studio. I will have to deal with the ongoing construction but it's a small price to pay.

8"x 10" 
Honey Pot with Pears

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