Monday, January 05, 2015

A Last Minute Gift for One of Our Kids

I paint so many commissions in November and December that I don't have time to paint much of anything else. Lots of dogs, and cats and, of course, houses. Many people have this idealized picture of their house in their head and when they move they want to have something to help them remember the good times. Or adult children will often commission a painting of their parent's cottage or home.

Creating all these paintings gave me an idea for a gift for one of our kids, who had purchased a house in 2013. I decided to make it a little more personal and put their children into the painting as well. The painting turned out nice but it was really hard to find the time to squeeze this project in when there are so many other things to do to get ready for Christmas. Not to mention the ten other paintings that had to be done before I could start this one. Everything worked out and I had two free evenings to work on the painting while my husband ended up doing all the gift wrapping this year. He has already informed me it's not a job he wants to repeat next year.

18"x 24"
Lee & Erin's House

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