Saturday, December 14, 2013

Painting A Memory

These two paintings were a joint effort between the client and myself. She had a little money and a cool idea and I have an imagination and a hand that has painted many similar scenes from life. :) Her idea was to present each of her parents with a painting representing their childhood home. They are going to be so surprised when they open these on Christmas! I have asked for a picture of them with the paintings and I never do that. But that's how much effort we both put into making their gifts perfect.

Her mom grew up on a farm and the client had a few pictures of a milk shed on the property and a detailed description of what it looked like in the 1960's, when her mother lived there: the flowers, her yellow tabby, the woods and the cow paddy in back etc.  Today there is a huge building behind the milk shed, but in this painting the building is gone.

These are small paintings at 8" x 10", but I managed to fit everything in using my no. 1 and 2 flat bristle brushes.

Her dad also lived in a rural area and enjoyed fishing in their pond with his dad. I had three pictures of a pond and a detailed description of what her dad and grandpa would have looked like in the 1960's. This one was a bit more difficult to get right because the figures are so tiny, yet needed to represent the "character" of the people they were supposed to be. The client knew grandpa had a paunch, wore suspenders and always wore a red and white hat. These were fun pieces to do, allowing a bit of creativity and helping someone give a gift that they will treasure forever. That's another reason I love doing the pet portraits. They will be well loved.

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