Sunday, December 08, 2013

Baltimore Fan

I have done quite a few of these hat and glove paintings, most of them for people who make a request. The very first one was a painting of my husband's short stop glove, Cardinals hat and baseball. He loved that painting and told me I should do some more. I did a Cleveland painting and I still have that one but I've sold a lot of prints of it. Someone contacted me about doing a Yankees version, which I did and I've done the Cubs, the Tigers and a Bluffton after the bus crash.

My friend's husband loves Baltimore so she mailed me her husband's hat and glove after confirming I could get it done by Christmas. I am so glad it's a new glove. Usually I paint my husband's glove and it gets boring after awhile. This is a catcher's mitt and I loved painting the weathered leather. I am not a baseball fan but perhaps I will eventually memorize all these logos if I keep painting the hats. Baltimore has a cute little Oriole on it. Reminds me of the Mudhens version I painted a few years ago. No one bought that either so I donated it to a charity auction. I hope someone bid on it.

11" x 14" Baltimore Fan

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