Monday, August 05, 2013

Another Painting of Michelle

Inside Angles, 6831 Angola Rd, Toledo, Ohio, is hosting a portrait show featuring many works from local artists, including the Hyter Group, through August 17. Saturday our group painted at the store and the owner, Sue, was very gracious. It is an awesome show with over 60 portraits hanging. I have two in the show, including the last one I did of Michelle.

Michelle told us she is moving to Houston to be near her daughter in August so she will not be able to model for us anymore. I was sorry to hear this. She has personality, she can hold a pose and not move and she wears lovely costumes. Plus she's a really sweet and accommodating person. The two times she modeled for us she wore costumes given to her from her friend who frequently visits Nigeria. We will miss her, that's for sure.

The lighting was more natural than we can create in our normal space, an old school cafeteria that sits below ground level. There was a big open window to her left throwing in cool light. I like the pose here, where she is staring into the light.

11" x 14"
oil on linen

I asked Michelle to pose with the first portrait I painted.

A picture of the setup at Inside Angles

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