Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tumacacori Mission Tubac, AZ

When we arrived in Tubac we found the area experiencing a record-breaking cold spell. The ranger at Tumacacori Mission told us the previous night's temperatures had dropped to 4 degrees. Plumbers were making out like bandits, with unprotected pipes freezing and creating lots of problems for homeowners and businesses.

Even with two pairs of gloves on and a beautiful sunny day the biting wind made it a chilly proposition to paint outside. But we came here to plein air paint and we would not be deterred! We stood in the courtyard, out of the wind to paint a back yard view of the mission. It was still an interesting subject with its block walls and bell tower.

This is an 11" x 14" painting, which is the largest I g\felt I could complete in the short period of time we were out there. Ironically, while it was 40 degrees that day in Tubac, it was closer to 50 degrees at home in Ohio.

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