Wednesday, January 02, 2013

First Painting of the Year!

This is a small study for a larger painting I intend to do later this year. It is a 12" x 16" painting of my Compassion daughter, Yasmina. It's based on a photo I found on her Facebook page before the page was removed. I changed a few things but r\tried to remain true to the "feel", although my background is much more interesting and impressionistic than the old school in the photo. She lives in Columbia and I have been her sponsor through Compassion International for four years. This 15 year old loves to dance, and is interested in becoming a lawyer one day so she can help her people fight for their rights. She attends a Christian school and loves God. I am a bit worried. Columbia is a scary place to live in and she lives in Cartagena-- it is even scarier in the cities. I have not heard from her in some time and I usually receive a letter every few months or so. The country has been overrun with drug lords for many years. Yasmina lives in a dangerous place at a very dangerous time and I am requesting prayers to keep her safe from harm.

12" x 16"
Yasmina Pinzon

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Extra nice