Sunday, December 16, 2012


Sometimes a client wants a painting of their house because they are moving. In this case the couple was moving but they were being forced to move by developers. The old farmhouse had been in their family for generations and it will be torn down to make way for a housing project.

It's sometimes more fun when you have to get creative. The client sent a few pictures of the house covered with now and one picture of it in the spring. I was told that the important things to get in were the barn, the pear tree, the pine tree behind the house and the  potted plants on the porch. I actually had to move the pear tree a bit to get it into the picture plane. I did a lot of reconfiguring to make this house portrait work but I didn't mind the extra effort after hearing the story about why they wanted it

11" x 14"
Oil on canvas
Kendra's House

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