Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another House Painting-- in the Summer

When people commission a house painting and they live far away it is impossible to take pictures. Many times they will want a different season than the one we are in at the moment anyway. So I have to rely on their pictures, which are not ideal in most cases. Sure I would love to take my own pictures but when I can't be there and the client mentions that they want the painting because the house is being SOLD, a light bulb flashes on in my brain. Realtors take4 a lot of pictures and they get pretty good at it over time-- or they move on to a different career.

These people had some really awful pictures, foggy, upside down, faded. I am not kidding. Then they had one tiny realtor photo from the summer. I asked them to ask their realtor if we could use their photos and luckily she said yes. Otherwise this paitnign would have looked a lot different.

Turns out- summer is the ideal season to view this house-- not a foggy fall day. The clients agreed.

I have never painted this many houses in one week- except when I have been on a paintout at Lakeside, Ohio. Even then I did water or boats for a break.

Summery Cape Cod
11" x 14" Oil on Canvas

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