Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dorian from our Portrait group

Dorian is a magician. He works at Nick and Jimmy's in Michigan and also performs at parties. He didn't pull a quarter out of my ear or anything but I did ask him if being a magician was a full time job for him and whether he did children's parties to make ends meet. "Of course", he replied. "I'm a full time artist." Wow- so we all do what we have to because as artists we love what we are doing and sometimes that requires sacrifice. I never really thought of a magician as an 'artist' per se, but I guess anyone who works to improve their craft and is dependent on others liking their product or service well enough to pay for it could be considered an artist. Anyway- this is Dorian after two 4 hour sessions. The lighting was awful and quite ghoulish so I just gave up.

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