Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookies 8 x 10

I was planning to visit my niece, who is in the hospital for an extended period of time undergoing chemotherapy treatments, so I baked a batch of chocolate cookies to take with me Saturday morning. Katie and Sammy enjoy playing video games together. It was a rainy day so Katie and I didn't mind spending it locked up in the isolation of "immune-suppression" with Sammy. Sammy's white blood cells are non-existent, thanks to the chemo treatments and she can't leave her 10' x 14' room in the Children's Treatment Center at St. Vincent's Medical Center until they rise to an acceptable level. This could take weeks. Thankfully, this is her last treatment if the leukemia goes into remission and she will be thrilled to have her life back after six months of extended hospital stays. A bright and engaging five-year old who has honed her coloring skills to an amazing degree, thanks to her enforced captivity, Sammy is very excited to be starting kindergarten in the fall. I took a plate full of cookies with me and left some at home. They were almost gone Monday so I painted this quickly and then gave the remaining cookies to my daughter when she promised to drink the milk. It was a bit warm after sitting on the porch for an hour while I turned them into an oil painting.

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