Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jim's Third Sitting

Yesterday I worked primarily on his face. I added the cards at home after asking him to hold them and taking a photo. Now I am thinking about adding a casino background. It just seems a bit blah with him sitting there holding the cards. I think it might be cool to have someone standing behind him- maybe his wife-- who is also posing for us. Their last pose is this week so I need to make this decision. I think some bright lights behind him would add quite a bit to the overall feel. I really;y like the expression on his face though. He seems to be worried- not a really great poker player maybe. I've included a photo of Jim here to explain what I mentioned in an earlier post about how photographs can be dull and unappealing compared to the excitement of a painting, especially a life size painting like this one. Faithfully copying a photograph to produce a painting will invariable yield a dull result.

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JoeBlogs said...

An excellent painting. You should do the Queen next.