Friday, April 07, 2006

Newer Paintings

I painted the one with the soldier a couple weeks ago. Then I did the landscape the following day. Have listed them both on eBay but so far no bids. I opened an eBay store last week just to see how that works. It's a convenient place to store your auction listings that don't sell and get them viewed. But eBay does take quite a large chunk of change if you sell something from the store- even more than if you sell at auction. Seems as if it would be better to sell directly from my website. eBay comes up with a more ways of nickle and diming a person than I have ever thought of. List an auction, pay for that. If it sells, pay them commission. If the buyer wants to use Paypal, you then pay Paypal a fee (Paypal is also owned by eBay). Now they have started somnething called "key words" which they are pushing hard in the emails they send to me. Sellers can purchase key words which will supposedly drive traffic to their auctions. Hmmm, I thought that is what I was paying an additional 50 cents for each time I list when you add the second line of "searchable" words as a subtitle. They have even tset this up so sellers bid against each other for the right to "own" certain key words. How nice... I mean... lucrative... for them. This may have a lot to do with why people are reporting page views are way down for the months of February and March.

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