Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Do You Think?

If you're reading this blog, and you have kind of followed along with the posts and the paintings I've posted you might be thinking:"What is wrong with this woman? Why can't she stick with one subject matter and just sell that? Why is she painting people, animals, still lifes and now landscapes????"
I can't really answer that question other than to say that I love a challenge and I cherish variety. I've noticed a huge improvement in my painting in the last six months since I quit my job and decided to try to make it as an artist. I know you can't build a career on eBay, but it is a starting point and I have paintings hanging all over the United States and in Australia and Canada, which is more than I could have said six months ago. Sure, the people who purchased them got bargains, but isn't that what we're all looking for when we buy on eBay?
I can't say with confidence that I'll still be selling on eBay this time next year. If I sign with a gallery or two they might have a clause prohibiting it. I enjoy the connections you make with people who buy your art and I would truly miss that if I sold only in a gallery. I've heard from so many people who were thrilled when they got their painting and couldn't believe how lucky they were to win it. And that's always nice to hear.
As for why I paint so many different and varied subjects? That's simple: Because I can!
I don't know many artists who are able to cross the genres like this and I think it's great practice and I am always being challenged and learning.
Please shoot me when I decide I need to paint huge abstracts that look arty when you hang them over a sofa... please...

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Art Dog said...

Hello Nora. I'm an artist and have been painting seriously for about two years. I'd like to set up a website and Ebay store and I love what you've done to exhibit and sell your lovely paintings. I'd be extremely grateful if you could send me the contact info of the company that set up your sites
( and your ebay store). Your work is fabulous especially the soldier in Iraq. I just finished my third painting of soldiers in Iraq. If you'd be interested in seeing one or more of my soldier paintings, I'd be more than happy to email an image. Good luck to you and I hope you'll be able to help me contact the people who built your website.
Thanks. Jim Seiler - San Juan Capistrano, CA email: