Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A New Year and A New Studio

I am in the process of moving my studio form the first floor to the lower level-- a fancy name for the basement. It doesn't look much like a basement anymore, thanks to the hard work of my husband, who built some closet space, added a drop ceiling, dry walled and carpeted it. It's actually quite an attractive setting and I'll try to use drop cloths so it stays that way.

I did find a few minutes to paint something the other night --other than a wall or some trim, and believe me, there is plenty of that left to do.

It is the ubiquitous pear, a frequent subject, but one I never tire of. I think pears are like people. Each is unique. Some need to be propped up and others stand on their own. Many are bruised from being knocked about, while others have a hard shell which is relatively unblemished. And of course they age like us too; acquiring dark spots, soft places and wrinkles, which lower their chances of finding a suitable mate -- I mean diner-- you know- someone who wants them-- to eat.

Anyway, I've picked on pears enough so I'll just post it.

6" x 6" oil gessoed panel

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