Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Paintings!

I had a streak of energy and created seven paintings last week. The first three were from photos I had taken over the years near lake Erie, and I also completed four plein air paintings. I'll share them all over the course of the next few days and make up for the slow period on my blog when I was in France. I still have paintings to share from that trip too, so I am a bit behind.

Life should slow down a bit now. No trips are planned and the only thing on my agenda is finishing a novel I started earlier this year.

This is a 10" x 20" painting of a sunset at Lakeside. I took the picture last year from the shore line. In my photos the sun always shows up as white, but I've seen enough sunsets to know that in reality the sun is pink or gold or some other very warm color, so I adjusted the painting to reflect that.

What's strange is that my camera doesn't even want to read the color of the sun in the painting correctly. It's showing us cooler than it actually is.

10" X 20"

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