Sunday, December 28, 2014

The terrain where I live in Fulton County is flat. To some artists, and I admit I have fallen into thinking this way occasionally too, that makes it unappealing as the subject for a painting. Because I am so used to viewing the ubiquitous straight horizon I used to look for any and all opportunities to travel to places where I could paint hills and mountains.

There is a lot to be said for the familiar and knowing how a place "feels". I've lived in the black swamp area all my life and there is a certain serenity in that place where sky meets land. The eye moves in a slow, thoughtful manner across the vista. No sudden and jarring growth draw our attention. Instead we are tempted to consider the beauty of subtlety.

I have my camera with me on most days and if I see an interesting arrangement of buildings or a beautiful sky I take a picture.

This farm is very close to where I live and the light was beautiful. What I really like about the scene is how "typical" it is of our little corner of the world. Typical, yet beautiful and mysterious at the same time.

Dusk, Fulton County, December

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