Monday, February 03, 2014

Copper Reflections

I purchased this copper incense burner and the antique medicine bottle on eBay a few weeks ago with the intention to use them in my still life setups. The first time I paint an object I am learning its shape, and it takes longer. I have discovered that the more times I paint the object the more accurate I become. The same goes for fruit. The first time I painted pears I struggled with the anatomy and now I paint them quickly, while keeping in mind the variations in shape and form from variety to variety as well as from specimen to specimen. These are Bartletts, I believe. When I purchased them they were quite green and they seem to be moving toward a more delicious if not as attractive yellow. It end to reply on my instincts when it comes to composition. If it looks good and fills up the space and there are interesting angles when I look through my viewfinder I am good to go.

Copper Reflections 11" x 14"

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