Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pretty Pink Petals, Painted Impressionistically :)

oil on linen
These roses were left on my desk last Friday in a plastic root bear bottle that someone cut the top from and used as a makeshift vase. When I got them they had obviously been in water for a few days already. I suppose they were a gift from a thoughtful co-worker who couldn't bear to throw them away while they still looked so pretty. And while they were absolutely gorgeous I could tell they wouldn't last the weekend so I took them home, found a nicer container and painted them that same evening. I knew they would not retain their good looks into Saturday.

So this is a typical alla prima painting painted very quickly and roses are hard to paint for me when I'm NOT in a hurry, so it is what it is. I was forced to keep the flowers loose and impressionistic, and didn't even try to render a lot of detail. It just felt good to paint after a week or more of dealing with my remodeling projects.

This week I am attending a Paintout sponsored by the Waterville Arts Council and the weather sounds like it will be perfect, so I'll get a bit more painting time in. Then it's back to the remodel project, which will require more priming and painting of walls! I expect the work to be complete by the end of June and then perhaps I can take a few breaths and relax awhile.

I have aqua colored glass in the bottom of the clear glass vase and that's what  gives this painting all the wonderful cool reflections, in addition to the fuchsia colored roses.

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